Ready for the Primavera Sound Festival?

It´s spring time! the trees are flourishing; the cold is almost over and you are thinking about all the fun things you can do outside now, right? Seems far away, but this will come in the blink of an eye!

Barcelona, as always, is the perfect location for a music festival. Spain is full of this vibrating culture traditions and definitely, this city doesn´t get behind.

At Vesping we want to give you a quick review about the Primavera Sound Festival, so you can catch up and get your tickets in advance, because – believe us! – you don´t want to miss this sound festival on 2019!

On its 19th edition, Primavera Sound is known as one of the most popular music festivals in the world.

…And where is Primavera Sound Festival?

Well, Barcelona houses this event every spring by the end of May and it offers a wide variety of styles and musical shows from all the world, from indie music to hip hop or electronic.

To add an extra charm, it also includes art exhibitions, gastronomic fairs and other kind of shows all over the city at different venues.

Primavera Sound has become the most popular music festival in the city because of its innovative format in Europe, specially designed for music lovers.

From May 30th to June 1st, 2019 this incredible event will take place; if you are wondering the exact place, well, it is located in an outdoor area called Parc del Fòrum, a huge place that has a large auditorium area and concrete floors.

Where can you buy your tickets?

Tickets are available online or by phone. Primavera Sound sell the tickets through various ticket outlets. We highly recommend you to buy the tickets in advance so you won´t miss your favorite band while waiting in line for tickets!

Prices go from €180.00 depending on the outlet you choose.

There is a weekend pass that will grants you access to all events during the festival.

About the place

You may stay in one of the hotels close to the venue, you can find something cheaper knowing that only at 50 min walk you will find the city centre. Also, you will have the chance to know more Barcelona!

You can get to Parc del Fòrum by car, there is a parking lot really nearby, or you can get by bus now that there is a regular bus service that runs from the city centre to the forum. Another option is the Metro, there is a station close to the festival site.

If you choose to use a taxi, be prepared to pay around $20, depending the hour, from the city centre. Be aware of when leaving the festival, it may not be so easy to find a taxi.

Important tips about the Primavera Sound Festival

Keep in mind these additional tips so you enjoy of an incredible city, around an awesome event in the perfect time of the year.

  • Find the right accommodation before traveling. Barcelona has a lot a options tight to your Budget.
  • Search info about places to eat and drink in the city.
  • Find info about the “must” cultural places you have to visit.
  • And don´t forget about renting one of our Vespas to have the time of your life!!!