Private and corporate events
in Barcelona

At Vesping we are specialists in Private and Corporate event as well as Team Building activities. We offer programs that will strengthen the collaboration and friendship between your group or employees thanks to the multitude of interesting and funny activities.

Together we will be able to choose within a wide range of custom-made activities that will ensure an efficient productivity and a reduction of any conflict that may arise.

Team Building is a really important tool in the organizational growth of the corporations to motivate your team and to create strong bonds between your employees.

Get in contact with us to giving away your group, family or employees an unforgettable and unique experience!

Vesping Barcelona Esperience Scooter Tour

Vesping Barcelona Experience

For DMC and Event Companies who want their customers to be guided by our tour experts through the beauty of Barcelona, discovering it's perfumes, it's tastes, it's colors...

Vesping Events Filming


Our Vespas are already famous, use one of our "Stars" for filming or advertising. Let's customize it, transfer it and... "Lights, cameras, action!"

Vesping Events Advertisiment Comunication

Advertisement & Communication

Our fleet is your fleet, customize it according to your needs and wishes either for private advertising, communication, corporate events, campaigns, festivasl, etc.

Team Building Events

Improve the performance of your company in a funny way. Vesping Events organises interesting in-tour team building activities to create a cool atmosphere between the members of your company.

Vesping Barcelona Tailor Made Tours

Tailor-Made tours

Plan your experience in all it's aspects: Customizable itinerary, starting and arrival points, in-tour activities, timetable and breaks.

Vesping Barcelona Scooter Vespa Wedding

Weddings & Stag Parties

For your glamorous Wedding or for a cool Stag or Hen Party use our fleet to get around with your guests. Make your event one to remember!

How to book? Do not hesitate to ask us for a tailor-made experience. Please contact us, we will find the best solution!


Private Tour in Barcelona

Discover Barcelona at your own pace with our private tour. Immerse yourself in the old town, get lost in its streets and markets, in the culture, architecture and rhythms of the city, merge with local citizens in each neighbourhood and live a unique and unforgettable experience with Vesping.

Our private tour guide in Barcelona will adapt the route to your suggestions, ideas and interests, making it unique and unrepeatable. Our experience and knowledge of the most charming and authentic corners of Barcelona will make you live the atmosphere of the city, not as a visitor, but as a local.

The private tour of Barcelona by scooter is a different way to visit the city, a personalized tourist tour by the city in a comfortable, safe, versatile and agile vehicle, (in which we include all the equipment). This private tour allows you to sneak through the smaller and quieter streets, as well as circulate through the large avenues of the city with total security, without worrying about the distances or parking availability.

Events and Private Barcelona Guided Tours for Companies

Vesping is specialized in private and corporate events, as well as scooter rental and Team Building activities, among which the Private Tour Service in Barcelona stands out. This exclusive service of high value perceived by your employees will help you develop programs that strengthen the collaboration, friendship and commitment of your teams or employees, thanks to the unique and unrepeatable experiences and activities that are experienced throughout our private tours.

You can choose from a wide range of personalized activities that you will choose based on your preferences and objectives, which will guarantee the achievement of your objectives in the event, as well as the reduction of any risk of internal conflict.

The Team Building is an important tool in team management, and the perceived quality of the service is a powerful way to motivate your team and create strong bonds among your employees.

If we add a series of unique experiences and moments, which can hardly be generated with other types of guided tours or group activities, they will live the private tours in Barcelona of Vesping a unique activity in the city.

Get in touch with us to give your group, family or employees an unforgettable and unique experience!

Why choose a private Tour in Barcelona?

Designing a route through Barcelona may seem relatively simple, but in fact, this type of routes usually involves visits to tourist places that are excessively crowded and that do not allow us to discover the true city at first hand or its history.

In addition, we can always doubt if we have visited the best sites or those that best suit our interests. Another point that can generate uncertainty is the gastronomy: What are the typical dishes and adequate restaurants in terms of quality and price? How can we flee from tourist restaurants and visit places that only the people from Barcelona use to go?

It is likely that innumerable blogs do not mention the restaurants that offer a local cuisine with an appropriate price, the most recondite streets with charm in which the current activity of the city is generated, or the best times or days to visit the main tourist attractions and thus avoid large crowds.

If you're looking to visit the city without losing anything, quietly and without stress, knowing that the places and restaurants you visit are the best suited for your tastes and preferences, the Vesping private tour of Barcelona is your answer. Just let yourself go and immerse yourself in the city: our Barcelona Travel guide will accompany you and guide you at all times.

Create magical moments with our Private Tour Service in Barcelona, Spain

Visiting a city not only consists of choosing the best places, monuments, streets and restaurants, it also influences in which day or time of the day you are going to visit all this places. Live a magical sunset, discover the best beaches in the city without the concentrations of the most popular areas, avoid traffic jams to go from one place to another and discover streets with charm and uniqueness, or simply visit streets at peak hours of heat and enjoy the best terraces depending on the time of day and time of year.

Barcelona is a city with a Mediterranean climate, for this reason, avoid certain areas at specific moments of the day with high temperatures in summer is a fact that you should consider, as well as be careful with the coldest areas in winter.

If we want to have a unique experience and create unforgettable moments we can not leave anything to improvisation. With the service of Private Tour guide in Barcelona, our guide will take care of all the details, even those that did not occur to you and that will make you enjoy the city in a unique way and the entertainment is ensured!


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