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Barcelona is an amazing city full of charm. What would be better than renting a vespa or an ebike in Barcelona and drive your way through the city to discover all its culture, its tastes and its colours? Start now, choose the best service for you and explore the city! See the most common and famous venues but also local areas unknown from tourist guides and even sometimes from locals themselves.

Barcelona's Best Scooter and eBike Tours with VESPING

Vespa GPS Tour

If you are a free spirit and want to discover the city on your own but being guided at the same time, this self-guided tour is the perfect option!

In our GPS you will find four different routes already set, that will guide you through the most incredible places of Barcelona. You will also find some suggestions such as restaurants, bars, trendy locals and other points of interest.


A new adeventure on wheels starts every day in Vesping!

Choose from all our guided tours and enjoy Barcelona on the best way. Our team made of local expert guides will drive you to the most emblematic and admirables places, and at the same time to the unknown and incredible Barcelona.

Vesping Experiences

Vesping Experiences .

Trip Advisor Excellence certificate
Andrea rode us all around Barcelona, up to Tibidabo, to Mont Juic, and many more places- I never would have seen so much of Barcelona without this!!! He also had a lot of great restaurant recommendations. Tip: you DO need experience on a scooter. If you don't, ask if you can ride with a tour guide (that's what I did)
John B
Vesping exceeded our expectations and we have rented Vespas in many cities. Their website is very useful and communicating via email was very helpful to answer all our questions and book the rental Vespa in Barcelona. When we arrived at the store, we spent half an hour with Vittorio, one of the owners helping us plan our weekend in Barcelona. He is a very nice guy and could not be more helpful and friendly. His suggestions ended up being instrumental in optimizing our time and visiting the right places.
Martin S
Facebook Facebook Experiencies
Absolutely amazing way to get around Barcelona! The staff were also amazing with lots of tips and routes around Barcelona. We went along the purple route, to the top viewpoint over Barcelona, and the views were incredible. Thanks for this Vespa's rental in Barcelona!!
Emily Monica Margaret Flett
Excelllent way to discover Barcelona. Vittorio gave us many valuable tips to experience the city local way. Highly reccomended!!!
Lukas Burda
instagram Instagram Experiencies
Merci Vesping "I love Vesping"
What a wonderful experience! Thans for all the tips and untill next time 😊!

Vesping Barcelona: Vespa Rentals, Tours and much more!

Vesping is much more than a Vespa rental agency in Barcelona, ??we are travelers in love with the catalan capital and we want to share with you the secrets of our city, to be sure that your stay as a traveler will be a unique and unforgettable experience. As soon as you come in our offices next to the Sagrada Familia, our staff will take care of you the same way that your best friend would do, helping you to optimize your time and money with useful suggestions and recommendations... Our goal is that you live the best experience in Barcelona and that is why we put at your disposal all our knowledge about the city: the best places to have dinner, have a drink, enjoy the views, the best route to see all the monuments to your hotel, the best areas to buy, and everything we can tell you to discover Barcelona in the best way. Are you ready to live a new travelling experience? Check out what we offer and book your Vespa now!

What is vesping

Vesping is one of the first Vespa rental companies in Barcelona, with more than 13 years of history in the city. We wanted to innovate the highly popular concept of Barcelona motorcycle rental and we invented a new way of traveling. We are in love with the city of Barcelona and we want to share it with all the travelers who come to visit our city. Our goal is that you know Barcelona first hand, and that is why we treat each client as if he was a friend who comes to visit us and we give him all the advice to live Barcelona like us. We prepared the tours with love and constantly renew them with new restaurants and places to enjoy the real Barcelona at any time. We were the pioneers in Barcelona and we have a renewed fleet with different scooters that are adapted to your needs: from a basic 50cc Vespa (moped), to a 300cc Vespa (motorcycles) through a 125cc one To this fleet we have added brand new ebikes for those who are looking for an eco experience.

Where we are

Our offices are located in the Passatge de Simó 24, next to one of the most important monuments of Barcelona, the Sagrada Familia. From this excellent location you can start your visit to the city and go anywhere quickly and easily. In addition, it is very well connected with public transports to collect or return your Vespa comfortably

How does it work

To rent Vespa scooter in Barcelona with us it is very easy! The first thing you have to do is decide the type of service (Vespa Rental, GPS Experience, City Tour, Guided Tour), you can also choose the type of Vespa that you want in Barcelona. If you are not sure, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you choose what best suits your needs. In the reservation tab you will find all the possibilities, just click on 'Book now', select the date and time and book. We will send you the confirmation of your reservation and you will be ready to pick up your Vespa at our office. Our prices are adapted to your needs. We have motorcycle prices per hour up to important discounts for longer periods of time.

What do I need

To drive a Vespa in Barcelona with Vesping you will need:
• Previous scooter or motorcycle driving experience which is essential for your safety. Vesping cannot give a Vespa rental to people who do not have enough experience in driving two-wheeled vehicles, scooters or motorcycles, for safety reasons.
• Passport or identity card to identify well and manage the Vespa's insurance.
• Credit card, Visa or Mastercard, for the mandatory deposit that will be back to you when you return the Vespa and all accessories in the same conditions.
To drive an ebike in Barcelona with Vesping you will need:
• As simple as you need to know how to ride a bike, that's all!
• Credit card, Visa or Mastercard, for the mandatory deposit that will be back to you when you return the Vespa and all accessories in the same conditions.
If you have any questions you can check the FAQ section where you will find answers to the most frequent questions or contact us by phone, +34 93 66 77 877, or by email at and we will answer any questions.

What makes Vesping different from other Barcelona scooter rental

At Vesping, we offer a service in Barcelona that goes beyond the usual, we want you to discover the real Barcelona, away from tourists and large agglomerations, the Barcelona with local people, in short, a new way of discovering the city. Discover Barcelona visiting the bars and restaurants with history and more representative of Barcelona, explore secret spaces and landscapes that the city hides, in short, discover Barcelona in an authentic way and merge with the past, present and future of the city.

Will I like it?

You just have to look at our reviews or opinions, or if you have the chance ask someone who has already had an experience with one of our services. You can also look to compare with other Vespa rental Barcelona, ??you will see that people say about us that our main objective is the satisfaction of our customers, we want our customers to come back and prescribe our services, therefore, be sure that we will always offer a service made for your needs and tastes.
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We offer a series of packs and the most complete service in the city. No added or extras costs. The price you see on our website is the price you will pay. All our prices are clear and transparent. In our prices you will find everything you need to discover the city. Be careful with excessively low prices, or which do not include the same services as others or simply hide additional fees or penalties that will make you pay more for less


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