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Barcelona is an amazing city full of charm. What would be better than renting a vespa in Barcelona and drive your way through the city to discover all its culture? Start now, rent a scooter in Barcelona and explore the city! With our vespa rentals you'll see the most common and famous venues but also local areas unknown from tourist guides and even sometimes from locals themselves.

Vesping is more than a simple scooter rental agency in Barcelona. We want to share with you the secrets of Barcelona in a fun way - driving a vespa - to make sure your stay will be a unique experience as a tourist. As soon as you set foot in our scooter rental agency, our staff will take care of you in a way only a best friend would do, helping you optimizing your time and saving money with useful tips and recommendations. We want to share with you all the options we offer, from GPS guided rides to daily tours. Are you ready to live this new travel experience? Have a look at what we offer and Book your Vespa now!