What to do in Barcelona in October

What to do in Barcelona in October


October is an amazing month for traveling. Weather is excellent almost everywhere, spring or fall depending the country but it´s never too cold or too hot, so balance is good. Even more when you want to visit a new city and discover all of its charm in a comfortable way. It may be rainy in some places but that´s not something to be bother either.

Europe is the perfect location this time of year and you´ll see a lot of nature beauties, still some sunlight but fresh at night.

Even when the beach weather is over, it should still be dry and sunny in October, making it the perfect month to visit the city’s most popular attractions. Also, check out some other fun activities, events and festivals too.

If you are traveling to Barcelona in this nice month there are a couple of things you may want to know in advance to make the most of this trip and have a blast!

The first tip we want to give you is to rent one of our vespas. The time is right for this kind of adventure and you will be amaze when riding at your own way and rhythm, feeling the breeze on your face and with the freedom of going anywhere you want.


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So, keeping up with the tips you want to know, we will give you info about what to do, where to go and the right clothes for this season in the city. Just keep reading!

What to wear in Barcelona in October


Experiencing the city in October includes warm and sunny days and a noticeable slowdown of the summer tourism rush, so you will have time and space to enjoy the city.

Must of the time is sunny with some overcast days but is a good month where you can enjoy walking around the city as it will be mostly warm but not overly hot. You can still visit the beach but it’s getting cooler now, so, you will find days that you can go and other days where it may be very cold.

Average temperature is 22 degrees Celsius by day, and 15° by night, so be aware of that info before packing your bags! It’s a good idea to pack your favorite jeans, t-shirts, light sweaters and closed shoes. A couple of swimwear and light options like dresses for women and shorts for men are a must too.

What to do in Barcelona in October


Barcelona is a city full of cultural options to visit, there are many things to get excited about like film festivals, Jazz Festivals, the local Munich’s Oktoberfest, and many more for your delight. Autumn is amazing and you are about to find out why!

After the crowded summer, it´s the perfect time to relax and enjoy the city at its fullest. You will find yourself wanting to be outside most of the time, and that´s why renting one of our vespas is the wisest choice for sure.

Moving forward to the cultural agenda, no matter what you´re in the mood to do, we are sure that you´ll find something to enjoy in Barcelona and you will love this.

A nice weather

It´s the perfect time to enjoy the fall foliage, so take a relaxing stroll to Ciutadella Park, located in the heart of the city, and presence the peace in the middle of bustling Barcelona. Enjoy the beautiful colors of nature and life and try some food from the street vendors.


Finding amazing places


Also, you must visit some other emblematic places like Montjuïc and Guinardó Park, where you can see not only nature but history and culture too.

On Barcelona streets you may see a square full of people wearing costumes, probably attending at an event, convention or show. There´s a lot to do on the city´s alternative cultural scene.

Don´t miss the chance to visit Montserrat, its church is the home of the famous Black Madonna statue, as well as the angelic voices of L’Escolania Boys’ Choir. Then, add to your list to visit Sant Antoni Market on a Food Tour, this historic food market has recently re-opened, after years of refurbishment, offers delicious cured hams and Spanish cheeses.

More alternatives


When you decide to travel to Barcelona in October you must check the whole activities agenda available. Not only with the idea of visiting iconic cultural places, but to be part of its nightlife and other interesting things to do, that maybe, you didn´t even imagine.

The Sitges Film Festival specializes in fantasy and horror films, and is a great idea for a different plan at night, think outside the box! It airs a selection of the best ones and also awards prizes to actors, filmmakers, and films.

Consider also the International Jazz Festival which is held in various locations across the city, and hosts top jazz artists from around the world. There are also special events like the Jazz & Food celebration in the Parc del Poblenou.

48h Open House is an architecture festival celebrated in cities like New York, Tel Aviv, and Dublin, where some spaces and buildings get open when they aren´t normally accessible to the public, like the top of Arc de Triomf, the old palaces of the Gothic Quarter, and the city’s archives room (the Casa de l’Ardiaca).

Of course, you can´t miss Oktoberfest in Barcelona, this edition of Germany´s most famous beer festival. This is held in Placa Espanya at the Fira de Montjuic, entry is free and offers a lot of food and drink options.

Having said that, you can complete your personal list by attending to a Halloween party, especially because lots of clubs and bars offer special events and costume contests. Also, you may take a wine and tapas tour and feel the very passion of a flamenco show, living Barcelona´s traditions to its fullest.

Still needing a plan when traveling to Barcelona in October?