What to do in Barcelona in September?

It´s September and if you are traveling to Barcelona, in Spain, there is a wide variety of options that you can book in your schedule to have the perfect traveling plan and make the best of every journey, either you are traveling alone, with couple or family too.

Our first recommendation is to rent a scooter. It´s the perfect conveyance to discover this amazing city full of charm and exciting activities.

Don´t miss the chance to feel the breeze on your face and the freedom of going everywhere you want, whenever you want… you´ve never experienced tourism like this before! Make this trip remarkable living new experiences worth to remember.

Moving forward, if you travel to Barcelona in September you´ll see the summer tourist crowds clear out and opening times at stores come back to the regular. Also, in this month many festivals are celebrated what make of this month a really fun one. Don´t miss the chance to be part of this traditional celebrations.

Weather in this period can be unstable, fast changes from sun to rain and vice versa are so quick. So If your are wondering what to wear in Barcelona in September, take this tip into account!

Let´s begin with some activities you must include:

The National Day of Catalonia

When it comes to culture, September is super important month to this city because on September 11th is celebrated the National Day of Catalonia, to commemorate the fall of Barcelona in 1714, during the War of the Spanish Succession.

People gather in groups this day for cultural demonstrations in emblematic places like the Fossar de les Moreres monument.

La Mercè

This is one of the biggest festivals taking place every year to celebrate the Catalan capital´s patron saint. You will see colorful parades and dozens of free concerts, so it’s very helpful to check out the agenda previously.

Castell sor human towers

This tradition includes constructing human towers at the beach so take advantage of the nice weather and visit one of the beautiful beaches during this month. This will be really fun specially if you travel with kids, they´ll have a blast!


It´s about the performance of a group of dancers of all ages. If you are a fan of this artistic events you will enjoy with this wide variety of street performances.

With some music

BAM Festival (Barcelona Accio Musical), includes a serie of outdoor and free concerts during La Mercè. The music tends to be indie, rock, electronic and just a few pop artists.

Another music festival is the Mas i Mas, it goes from soul to pop and rock; sometimes they add some flamenco too.

These festivals reunite many people of all ages who enjoy these live presentations in a nice outdoor environment, so if you have never tried this before, it’s about time to give it a chance!

Festa al cel

This event brings together aviation curious visitors who can see a spectacular show in the sky. So, it becomes an additional plan if you´re looking to do something different, out of the ordinary!

More alternatives

You can visit FC Barcelona and Camp Nou and if you are a football fan this will be an amazing, unique and exciting opportunity. If you are lucky enough you will attend a game. Also, you´ll have access to the original store to shop some souvenirs and sport articles.

On the other hand, this month is the perfect beach and yatch season so you can enjoy these activities for free and at your own time. There will be less tourists around so you´ll have the chance to relax and enjoy in the calm of the beach. This is the perfect plan if you rather outdoor activities, so go and enjoy the remaining sunlight.

You can spend a day with kayaking on the Costa Brava to explore the bays of the coasline; it´s an hour away trip from the city but in one of our Vespas will be an amazing road trip, we assure you that.

You can enjoy a day of kayaking on the Costa Brava to explore the bays of the coastline; it´s an hour away trip from the city.

As we have detailed in another articles, you have to visit La Sagrada Familia, the Gaudi´s unfinished masterpiece of architecture. Millions of tourists visit this amazing place.

Another nice plan is to go wine tasting in the Penedes which is full of wineries of all type whom specialize in the Cava production. You may choose to have a private guide during the journey so one guide will give you important information during the tour.

The Mostra de Vins & Caves de Catalunya is another outdoor wine and cava fair, during La Mercè. This tradition dates from 1980 and now includes more than 50 local bodegas and 400 labels.

Add some food to your plan and go for some tapas around the place, there are many spots you can stop by and have a delicious snack or lunch, you may also try some regional craft beer, you won´t regret this!

Remember Barcelona is the perfect place for food lovers so you´ll be surprised with all the available options when it comes to gastronomy, every place is delicious.

Have a blast with a Vespa

If you are enjoying the trip with one of our Vespas, you can get close to the beach and enjoy the warm breeze and be delight with the mountains of Montserrat too. No worries about what to wear in barcelona in september, Vesping will provide you with rain-wind jacket!

Barcelona is popular for its rooftop bars, so you can find a hidden one, maybe in a small hotel or just around the corner and see the beautiful landscape, specially at the afternoon.

If you are still wondering what to do in Barcelona in September, you must read this article again because we summed up a variety of options for all tastes and personalities. We are sure there´s an option just right for you too.