What to do and what to see in Barcelona for 2 days?

As we have detailed in other articles on our blog, Barcelona is a city of Spain full of charm and amazing places to visit. It will all depend on how much available time you have, so we will help you make the perfect schedule to have a blast in this trip!

If you want to know what to do in Barcelona for 2 days, keep reading and find some incredible alternatives to make this journey something to remember.

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What to visit in Barcelona in 2 days

If you are concerned about finding yourself with only two days in the city, we can assure you there are so many options and places you can visit to get the best of this magical city. We’ll show you from museums, little typical towns, markets, to food, tours and more!

Take note of these helpful ideas for how to spend your time and add them to your itinerary.

You can begin by visiting the Montjuic Hilltop Park, it’s full of gardens and trees, which makes it the perfect sport to relax and be near to nature. You will almost forget the loudly city below.

You may also want to visit the Olympic Stadium and then access by the scenic cable car, that offers an incredible view over the port.

Another alternative is the Park Güell which has beautiful gardens and very particular sculptures and mosaics of color. It is always good to leave the city behind for a while and use this time for some inner thinking and connecting to nature.

Otherwise, if you are a culture passionate this plan is right for you: the Museu Nacional D’art de Catalunya, this museum houses the world’s better collection of Romanesque mural paintings. It also offers a beautiful view of the city. Definitely, you can’t miss the chance of seeing these beauties.

Also, there’s the Gothic Quarter, located in the center of Barcelona’s old city. It’s a beautiful place to walk around or ride with a Vespa. It’s a really medieval place, especially for its architecture. We strongly recommend adding this to your schedule, you won’t regret it!

For the most religious ones

If you enjoy visiting religious spots, you’ll love this kind of views, specially if you have read about its history. This is an opportunity for you.

The Barcelona Cathedral dates of the 14th century and it’s located in the Gothic Quarter we’ve just talked about. It official name is Cathedral of the Holy Coss and Saint Eulalia. There is also a flea market just outside the cathedral.

Santa María del Mar Cathedral, shows the best of Catalan gothic architecture visible in the columns and other construction details.

Little big charm

In Barcelona you’ll be amazed by so many little details that you won’t be able to decide where to look first, and that’s part of its magic!

There are little traditional villages full of charm and worth to visit. El Poble Espanyol is one of those, and it offers great places to eat and to buy hand crafted pieces of jewelry, home art, etc.

Then, Las Ramblas is the heart of the city, it’s the most popular street in Barcelona, so you can’t miss the chance to stop by. You’ll be able to enjoy delicious food, have fun shopping in its wide variety of stores, try some sangria and another local beverage, and even see street performances, which are really common in this place.

For architecture passionate

La Sagrada Familia is a most! This church construction began in the late 19th century and couldn’t be finish after Gaudí’s death. We can’t describe how amazing this is, so you better skip other pre-planned stops and put this one on the top of the list!

Let’s keep getting you amaze: the roof of Casa Batlló resembles the back of a dragon… yes, a dragon! The exterior has mosaics made from broken ceramic tiles, something worth to see for sure.

A few blocks away you’ll find Casa Milá, another Gaudi’s piece of art also known as La Pedrera is listed by the Unesco as a World Heritage Site.

Feeding soul and body

Now that you fed your soul, it’s time to enjoy some of Barcelona’s best gastronomy! Here is a list of the best places to enjoy:
– Enrique Tomas Sagrada Familia (best bellota iberic ham with many local options)
– Carrer de la Marina, 261 08025 Barcelona
– El Glop (Catalan tradittional cuisine) – Carrer de Sant Lluis, 24 – 08012 Barcelona
– Join Vesping and we will share with you all the best tips according to your desires!

Besides, in the Local Market you can have some delicious snacks or meals of the best traditional food and ingredients.

Portal de L’Ángel is also known as the shopping street if you’re looking for some fashion treats and discounts!

You can also visit the nearby region of Costa Brava, located an hour away from Barcelona, you’ll enjoy many amazing views and even more if you are on your Vespa! Forget about buses and cars that limit your view every time.

Football is a way of living!

If you agree with this phrase you must visit the Barcelona Fútbol Club stadium, it also has a museum and a gift shop for original products and souvenirs… you may want a few hours to enjoy this part of the trip, that’s ok!

If you were wondering what to see in Barcelona in 2 days, now – we believe – you must be planning to stay longer after reading our recommendations! The most important is to define a detailed schedule so you won’t miss your valuable time.