Discover the Best Barcelona Beaches on a Scooter

Barcelona is one of the most popular cities in Spain, just one visit to Barcelona is enough to make the city your best travel destination for a holiday. The sights and sounds, beautiful architecture and friendly people. It has such an amazing night life but nothing compared to the beaches in Barcelona. The beaches in Barcelona are one of the reasons everyone fell in love with the city.

Usually the favourite beach in Barcelona is the Barceloneta Beach. It is always lively with an amazing view of the Mediterranean Sea and a lot of fun activities too. But sometimes it can get too crowdy during the peak tourist season, so you can run away to the Icaria Beach or the Bogatell beach in Barcelona. These beaches are more serene and a wonderful place to relax during the day or at night. There is also the Mar Bella beach and the San Sebastia Beach, and the best way to explore all these beaches is by renting a scooter.

Rent a scooter is the best choice of transportation especially for visitors and tourists in Barcelona. They are easy to ride; and the weather and the city is perfect to explore all the neighbours on a Vespa.

To rent a scooter in Barcelona is an amazing experience. You can visit as many as three beaches in Barcelona in one day on a scooter. Exploring the best Barcelona beaches on a scooter also gives you the independence to decide when you want to leave the beach. The traffic laws in the city are also very friendly; they make it safe for scooter riders to navigate the best beaches in Barcelona easily. So here are the top reasons you should rent a scooter in Barcelona:

It’s fast and safe

You can quickly get to the best beaches in Barcelona from the city center on a scooter. Our Vespa models allows a rider and one passenger which makes it also convenient for you and your loved one to have an amazing experience in Barcelona.

It is affordable

You can rent a Vespa in Barcelona at a very affordable price, check our prices and book the best for you, our service covers gas and a gps guide with diferent tours to explore the city as a local on your own. After your first experience exploring the best beaches in Barcelona on a scooter, you can extend your rent to cover a few more days. Notice the smile on your hosts face, because they know renting a scooter is the best choice.

Don’t miss the view

While exploring the best beaches in Barcelona on a scooter you can see everything, and there is a lot to see in such a beautiful city. A tip, pack a camera to capture the amazing views from the beach.

You can ride a scooter in Barcelona with your international driver’s license

This makes a lot of tourists eligible. It was so thoughtful to establish this policy to help tourists enjoy the city’s beaches on rented scooters.

The scooters are kept in excellent conditions according to the regulations in Barcelona, and you will be given crash helmets and GPS devices to help you navigate the beaches in Barcelona. It is going to be one of your best holidays.