What to do in Barcelona in November

What to do in Barcelona in November

Barcelona, Spain, is one of the most amazing cities in Europe and full of surprises any time of the year. Whether you are traveling on summer or winter, there will always be a lot of fun and interesting activities to do during your stay.

If you are planning a visit to Barcelona during November we can assure you that you’ll be amazed by so many beautiful places to see and enjoy, so keep reading and find out more about the possibilities the city has to offer.

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Now, if you want to know what is Barcelona like in November the first thing to take into consideration is the weather, keep in mind that you will be traveling during winter so you must expect low temperatures and a bit of cold.

Be prepared and take the chance to enjoy another kind of tourism.


What to wear in Barcelona in November


Before you start packing, have in mind that there will be cold in November, so you’ll need to pack appropriate clothes for this month.

You must pack warm wear autumn/fall clothes because weather can vary a lot, with air temperatures from day 16C/60F to night 11C/50F. You can feel warm if the sun is out without wind but then you may also be very chilly at night.

It’s a good idea to pack shorts and skirts for mild weather but also a warm jacket or fleece, and a sweater or cardigan for the cold nights, too.

Besides, if you are wondering about dress code for night clubs in Barcelona, you must pack some nice shoes, polo shirt and long trousers for men and dress or something elegant for woman.

Take these tips into consideration so you go 100% prepared.

Visiting Barcelona in November

Now that you have all the dress code information, you need to know how to make the most of your time during your stay. There are many options according to your taste but be sure that there’s a perfect plan waiting for you. From music festivals to a gastronomy route, there is a lot to do even with the cold weather.

The cultural side of the city


If you are a culture lover this may work perfect for you.

La Sagrada Familia: one of the most beautiful buildings in Barcelona, is the best representation of Antonio Gaudí’s work. This place is really breathtaking and is the most famous cathedral in the world, reason why around 3 million people visit this each year.

At this time of year maybe you won’t find as much people as during summer.

Some other incredible options are: El Born, La Barceloneta y La Ribera. Then you have to visit the Passeig de Gracia, also known as La Pedrera, an amazing building of Gaudí’s architecture too; it has concrete and twisted iron balconies which make it worse to see. Also has a rooftop with sculptures and chimneys.

You must visit the Picasso Museum. Not everybody knows that he lived in Barcelona during his youth and his legacy in Catalonia is honored in this museum that has over 3.500 pieces of his work exhibited, especially from his early life.

Dalí Museum is another great plan, it has lots of rooms with paintings and pictures, all pieces of Dali, it’ll be very fun to see.

Furthermore, the World Press Photo exhibition make honor to the best of photojournalism worldwide, it includes material from different artists all around the world throughout the year.

Other surprises

November begins with a holiday in Spain: el Día de Todos los Santos (All Saint´s Day) and it´s a national holiday to honor the dead, everybody´s buying flowers for their loved ones gone and people traditionally eat a small almond cake called “panellet” as part of the celebration.

Barcelona also houses the largest aquarium in Europe, where you will walk through tunnels to feel really close to the aquatic life, with jellyfishes, stingrays and even sharks!

But, if you rather to be relaxed in touch with nature, we recommend you to visit the Parc de la Citadella, full of colorful autumn trees. It’s the perfect spot to make a picnic and walk around while enjoying the view. Inside the park there is also a zoo, perfect if you are traveling with kids.

Another popular activity is to go for tapas and watch flamenco and this is a must to complete your Barcelona experience. There are plenty incredible places to do this, you won’t regret!

Also, you may want to take a wine class with a sommelier, so you can taste the Catalan wines in a fun workshop of drinking and eating.

The time is right

November is the perfect time to celebrate Thanksgiving with the American Expat Crowd, held on the 4th Thursday of the month, when Americans abroad head straight to an Irish bar to have the traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

You may also presence the first signs of the Christmas season on the streets.


For festival lovers

The Barcelona Pensa Philosophy Festival, promoted by the Department of Philosophy at the University of Barcelona was created to get the city more involved in the philosophical culture, so you will be able to attend talks, presentations, workshops, debates and many more.

If you like films, there are also the In-Edit film festival featuring musical documentary films and L’Alternative Film Festival for independent films.

The annual jazz festival in Barcelona usually begins in October, and continues into November, and include a large list of artists and performances from recognized jazz musicians.

Still having second thoughts about visiting Barcelona in November? Now you have a lot of things to do and see from day 1!