Top 5 things to do near Sagrada Familia

For any tourist passing through Barcelona, Sagrada Familia is a must see. If you have ever visited Barcelona or planning to visit the beautiful city, there is one place you should visit – Sagrada Familia. There are several things to do near Sagrada Familia and if you visit Barcelona without visiting the stunning building, your tour is as good as not complete.

Several tourists that visit Barcelona have made Sagrada Familia the first place to visit whenever they are in Barcelona because the best attractions in the city are found near the Temple. So if you think Barcelona is all about beaches, you are wrong because you have not visited this stunning part of the city.

You may not have heard about attractions in this part of the city, but we have compiled the top 5 things to do near Sagrada Familia. Let’s get to it now.

1. Gracia

If you are looking for things to do around Sagrada Familia, walking towards neighborhood of Gracia would make a great idea. You just need to walk 5 streets up towards the mountainside to reach this lovely place. Gracia is an old area that used to be separated from Barcelona in the past, but it has not lost its tradition until now. You will feel the vibe in its cafes, buildings and churches. If you don’t want to walk down there, you can try Barcelona scooter rental to take you to places like Plaza Joanic, Plaza de la Virrenia and Plaza Rius i Taulet. You can even get a snack and check their amazing stores.

2. Gaudi Avenue

If you are in Barcelona, you should visit Gaudi Avenue which starts from the front of the Gaudi’s unfinished church and ends at Sant Pau Hospital, an amazing modernist building. Take your time to move around this avenue that has several restaurants and cafes and enjoy the city view while eating some of the best food in Barcelona.

3. Sant Pau

Hospital de Sant Pau was designed with the incredible idea in mind because the architect believes if people that are ill are in a beautiful place, it will be easy for them to heal quickly. We are not saying this place will improve your health but mere walking around the modernist building can give you a fulfilling experience. Of course, you can rent a scooter in Barcelona to take you around and narrate the story behind the beautiful place for you.

4. Passeig de Sant Joan

Here is one of the things to do near Sagrada Familia. This boulevard has a lot of lovely shops, cute cafes, restaurants, as well as green space for kids to play. Casa Macaya modernist building is also close to this place and you can just walk to the site to feed your eye with amazing designs.

5. The Michael Collins Irish Bar

It may not be as popular as Gaudi, but it is one of the best and most popular places to see in Sagrada Familia area. With a relaxing atmosphere and different types of beers, you are sure to have a relaxing time as you dance to different kinds of music.

Rent a scooter in Barcelona

You don’t need to allow the stress of walking to all these places get to you, rent a scooter in Barcelona to take you around and narrate the story behind each attraction as you visit each site. This is the time to explore Sagrada Familia like never before!