The Mercat de la Llibertat (Liberty Market) is located in Plaça de la Llibertat in the Gràcia district. It has driven thousands of people since it opened in 1888. The Mercat de la Libertat counts as one of the centenary markets of Barcelona! The place where the market stands today was formerly owned by a man who wanted to build houses and a square. Fortunately for us, he never managed to realize his dream. Indeed he run into difficulties with the local farmers who occupied the place to protect it. After this sitting, it was named: Plaça de la Constitució.

A modernist Architecture

The Llibertat’s construction work has been orchestrated by the municipal architect of the former city of Gràcia: Pasqual Tintorer. Have a look at the central part of the façade of this wide high-ceilinged building all mad of iron and bricks. The modernist building also have touches of a Gaudí admirer, Francesc Berenguer i Mestres.

The roof is made of black and red ceramics. In order to fight against the heat, it’s creators had an ingenious idea, they put several panels at the top of the iron structure to help the air circulating and ventilate the market.

Even after many renovations of the building, you can still notice the modernism touches it has had from the very beginning.

When entering the Llibertat market, you’ll be facing a central aisle bordered with two lines of stalls, all coloured and full of aroma. You can easilly buy fresh fruits and vegetables.


The market is opened everyday.
Mondays to Fridays: 8am – 8:30pm
Saturdays: 8am to 3pm.
The market is closed on Sundays.

How to get there?

If you want to buy food here you should know that there is no nearby metro station. However, you can go by:
Bus: 16, 17, 22, 24, 27, 28, 31, 32 and 92
Train (FGC): S1, S2, S5 and S55, and stop at Gràcia.
*Nearest Metro station: L3, Fontana station (around 5 to 10 minutes walk away from the market). *Vesping:** Select the spot in the GPS.
More information: +34 932 170 995 or