The Saint Josep Market also referred to as La Boqueria Market is located on the site once occupied by the Discalced Carmelite Convent of Sant Josep. The Boqueria area was located right outside the walls framing Barcelona, next to the Portal de Santa EulĂ lia gates. Travelling vendors and peasants from the surroundings would gather there to sell their products. Towards the end of the Middle Ages, sellers began to settle themselves along the Rambla. When the city decided to demolish the walls and expand itself, the idea of making one big market was proposed. Once the demolition process was complete, in 1837, the stalls of the market traders were provisionally regrouped on the site of the old convent. The first stone for the Boqueria market was laid on St Joseph’s Day (Sant Josep, of the aforementioned convent) in 1840 as part of an incredibly eloquent ceremony: a gold piece and other coins were placed underneath this first stone as a symbol of the wealth that this future market would bring. In 1914 the company Maquinista Terrestre i MarĂ­tima built the metal roof now covering this colourful market.

The market of the five senses

You will find everything in here, from fresh fruits to fishes, chocolate to spices. Walk through the stands, go from one market stall to another and enjoy the smells of the place, the voices of the sellers and don’t forget to look up at the iron work covering the aromatic Boqueria Market!

If looking at all this food makes you hungry, you should know that there are some very good restaurants in different sections of the market where you can eat tapas, gambas, Jamon Serano or other specialities on the counter. Every meal is made with fresh products. The most famous restaurant is called El Quim and is located on the left side when you enter by La Rambla. An advice: don’t eat before coming, so you have room for these delicious dishes!

Practical information

Be very careful with your belongings, the place is often over crowded, pathways not too large, it is the perfect place for pickpockets!


From Monday to Saturday: 8am – 8:30pm

How to get there?

Address: Rambla, 91:
Bus: 14, 59, 91 to La Rambla-Liceu
Metro: L3 to Liceu
Vesping: Select the spot in the Vesping GPS