What to see in half a day in Barcelona

What to see in half a day in Barcelona

Keeping up on discovering all the magic that Barcelona, Spain, involves, we want to give you more details and options about what to do in this city on the available time you have, even if it´s not much.

You can use this guide to find alternatives about places to see, service, food options, tips, and all you´ll be needing to live a remarkable experience during this short visit.

If you are just passing by or waiting for a fly connection, and only have a few spare hours to walk the city, we can help you find out what to see in half day in Barcelona, so you can enjoy a little bit of the place at least.


Half day tour in Barcelona

You have a short time, we know that, you must make the best of it! We strongly recommend you to rent one of our Vespas so you save valuable time and have the chance to visit more places and live the experience rather than just to pass by and see a lot of things from a bus, without having the chance to go down and walk a little bit the place.

You can find extended info about this option in our scooter rental website with important information about plans, costs, terms and conditions, and some other interesting tips! Don’t miss out this.


Having that said, you can start by visiting La Sagrada Familia church, you will be amaze by its architecture by Gaudi. You will be able to walk through the building and the basement too. If you head up to the towers you´ll have a great view of the city, it’s really worth to stop a while here.  Don’t forget to get your tickets previously!

After this you can stop at Parc Guell and stay for a couple of hours enjoying the nature of the place, this will be very relaxing and take you out of routine for sure. Notice that once that summer is over they charge for entrance, we mean, from October on.

Also, you can go to Las Ramblas, a street where you will find many options to eat and drink some of the delicious tastes of Spanish gastronomy. Save some time to walk through the market too, it’s really big and it has a lot of vendors and artists if you want to buy some handcrafted items.

If you rather to be relaxed during this time and you´re visiting the city during the warm months, you can just go to the beach and enjoy your stay for a while. Feel the breeze in your face and the sand on your feet.

More and more to see

Another Barcelona half day tour may start at the Placa de Catalunya, in the center of the city in this – well known- central square, famous for its fountains, sculptures and the flocks of pigeons roaming around.

Walking across this place you´ll arrive to a three lined group of streets that we already described: Las Ramblas, this is also a great place to sit down for a while and see its incredible architecture, enjoy the boulevard and take incredible pictures.

If you are hungry by this time you can have a snack at the Mercat de la Boquería where you can buy fresh seafood, fruits and the best of local flavors like cooked ham and other typical delights of Mediterranean food.

Hurry up! You still can visit the Casa Milà, another artwork of Antonio Gaudí, Spain´s most famous architect. This place is also known as La Pedrera and this is an Unesco World Heritage Site. Try to book online so you avoid large lines to enter the place.

And if there´s still some time left, you should visit the Joan Miró Museum, located on Montjuïc overlooking the city.

It has a collection of Miró´s paintings, sculptures, and other pieces of his work. You can also book this online previously.

What to do in Barcelona in three hours

Depending on what time you are arriving to the city, here we recommend some options you can add to your travel guide, especially after renting one of our Vespas, so you won´t miss any time on buses or large lines of tourists.

Nearby the Casa Milà there is the Hotel Majestic, which has a rooftop bar and you will be able to have a cocktail or coffee with a nice view of the beach too.

Another option is dining at Enrique Tomas Sagrada Familia, located near by the Sagrada Familia in the Eixample neighborhood, where you can try the best Iberic Ham without regretting, because it´s simple delicious.

Another mix to considerate

Here´s another mix of what you can do in three hours in Barcelona and see the most famous places in your Vespa so you can cover most of the city´s highlights.

As we described before, La Sagrada Familia is a must when it comes to culture. The Gaudí´s buildings on Passeig de Gràcia you will enjoy incredible views from The National Palace on Montjuic and you will experience the city center of Barcelona.


In the city center you´ll see: Plaça Catalunya, Las Ramblas, Plaça del Rei (where Columbus met the king of Spain after the first voyage to America), Barri Gòtic (around the Cathedral of Barcelona)

Then at Montjüic, you will see: The National Palace, the Olympic Ring and Miramar, these are the best places for perfect views of the place. Anyway, you can customize this guide according to your favorite activities.

A plus worth to add

In the streets of Barcelona are placed the most stylish stores, where you can enjoy shopping for a couple of hours too. You can choose from clothing, gourmet foodstuffs, home articles, etc.

As you can see there is a lot you can do in half a day in Barcelona, even when you surely thought it wasn´t possible. So, according to what you like to do, to who are you traveling with and – of course- your available budget, you can use this short guide to pick up the activities you like in your itinerary this time.