Barcelona one day tour

We have been talking a lot about the splendid surprises that Barcelona involves, this amazing European city represents the best of Spain and its people.

As we have detailed in other articles, Barcelona’s rich offer of tourism, gastronomy, architecture, and more, it is something you must enjoy in a few days trip. But, if you don’t have much time and will only be one day in this city, there’s still so much you can do and visit in this short time.

If you are only passing by and have only one day to discover Barcelona, that’s ok we have a plan for you, here you’ll find a Barcelona one day tour, and of course, we highly recommend you to rent one of our Vespas to get as fast as you can to each location and don’t waste any time stocked in traffic or in a bus line! Find out more at our moped rental service.

What to visit in Barcelona in one day

This city offers plenty of amazing sights and places to see, you just have to explore them and pick up the best option for you.

Located between the Mediterranean sea and the mountains, in this Catalunya province of Spain there are incredible places to visit nearby so you’ll be able to choose between hills, beaches, vineyards, little medieval towns, and others.

Weather is really friendly almost all year, but can be a little hot in summer or cold at the beach by winter time. Furthermore, the prime tourist season is during summer, so the city can become unbearably crowded.

As we recommended before, getting around Barcelona is easy and can be easier on one of our Vespas! You’ll save money from bus tickets and the most value: you’ll save time! Choose between the GPS Tour or the City Tour with a personal Guide. This way you can get anywhere within the city and even some outside towns like Hospitalet and Badalona.

A plan that fits to everyone

Continuing with this Barcelona day tour, you can visit Montserrat, a jagged mountain with a beautiful landscape worth to see.

As part of its history, we can tell that on top of the mountain a monastery was built, what makes of this place an important spot for pilgrims from all around the world, who come to behold “the black Madonna”, the official patron of Catalunya.

It also offers hiking options for the most adventured ones, in two hours climb. Getting to the peak of Sant Jeroni will let you see an incredible landscape of the Pyrenees mountain and the Mediterranean Sea, a place where you can get immerse in the amazing nature.

If you are not a fan of heights, another idea is to explore the coastline along the Costa Brava or use the time available visiting other cities around like Girona, Sitges, Figueres and Sitges. But if you enjoy art and culture there is the Dalí Museum for you to delight.

Furthermore, if you want more ideas about what to see in Barcelona in one day, don’t miss out this complete list of alternatives. You’ll find some that fits you for sure!

Check out these options

Wine and cava route tour: during 8 hours; or Torres wine cellars, Montserrat and Sitges: during 11 hours. Both will allow you to immerse in the world of wine! Besides, there’s the Montserrat, tapas and wine tour that adds gastronomy to its charm, during 7 hours.

3 in 1: you can visit three countries on the same day. Go from Spain to a traditional French town, all around the Pyrenees to Andorra and then go back to Barcelona, don’t forget to carry on your passport! You will need 12 hours to make it.

There are morning tours in Montserrat that last only 5 hours allowing you to enjoy the gorgeous landscape of the place to start a perfect day. You can add a visit to the Santa Cecilia Church. Another great plan is the afternoon tour, you will see an unforgettable sunset.

A travel back in time
There are tours especially valued for medieval fans by visiting Girona and the beauty of Costa Brava. It will take you 11 hours. And if you love Game of Thrones this is for you! This location was the backdrop of the serie.

The architecture of this place will amaze you, don’t forget to charge your camera battery!

And for animal lovers too
You can choose a horseback riding tour in the Natural Park of Barcelona, it lasts 5 hours and you will enjoy the beautiful sights of park’s nature.

A short visit you must do is to the Sagrada Familia by Gaudi, it’s an hour and a half tour. This is an Unesco World Heritage Cathedral; it has a museum too.

Another really fantastic idea is a flamenco night in the Tablao Cordobés. Feel the passion of flamenco in a 2 hours performance. It includes traditional dinner and drinks.

As you’ve been reading so far there are plenty options to enjoy an incredible day in Barcelona, visiting amazing places and discovering unique locations worth to remember. Even if you have a complete day or only a few hours, there is a plan ideal for you so that Barcelona becomes one of your favorite places to visit.

We tried to sum-up all the best alternatives in a wide range available. Pick up the one that fits you and your group.

The perfect match

We can assure that adding one of our Vespas is the perfect complement to live a new travel experience and will leave you wanting more and more.