Barcelona Tips to enjoy outdoor

Barcelona Tips: Our tips to enjoy outdoor Barcelona

If the days and the times are well-chosen being outdoors in Barcelona can turn into an unforgettable experience.

Tips to visit Park Güell

Obviously, the par excellence park in the Catalan capital must appear in this compilation. Gaudí recreated its own stamp of the Garden of Eden without putting aside its characteristic architectural style, that also echoes Hänsel and Gretel tale with two halls that evoke the chocolate’s house. Nature and architecture are joined in a beautiful conjunction of colours and shapes that include from ergonomic benches to the famous dragon of the grand staircase. We recommend you to visit this park early in the morning or late afternoon in the summer, to avoid the hottest hours of the day and to take advantage from the less crowded moments of the day.

Tips to enjoy Ciutadella Park

A well-known park among residents due to its dimension, beauty and the possibility to relax in an environment full of life. You can find tourists hiding from the sun or students reading in the grass, or even people rope-jumping or juggling. In addition, it contains a large number of fountains and monuments, and you can also rent a small boat paying a little (6 euros per two persons, 8 euros per three and 10 euros per four) and rowing while observing the environment. The ideal place to get fit: dance activities are organised sometimes, or you can always go for a run or just walking. We recommend you to live an afternoon in its gardens hiding from the sun enjoying an ice-cream and listening to live music that suddenly appears in every corner of the park.

The unknown Tamarita Gardens

Rated as one of the most intimate and romantic places of the Condal City. To take a break from the worldly noise, nothing better than jut out in this garden surrounded by a rock wall and forged iron. This protection indicate its past as a domestic garden that besides it’s delimited by vegetation walls, perfectly integrating what a garden really is with the characteristics of an inner courtyard. There is a central axis that divides the garden in four gardening environments with classic figures.

The legendary and magical Montjuïc fountain and the Botanical Gardens

Even though this option is not free (except for the first sunday of the month or every sunday from 15 o’clock), we think that is an essential visit to a natural unit within the nature that makes Montjuïc unique. It is an itinerary that collects Californian, Chilean, South African and Australian landscapes to show its similarities with the Mediterranean ones. The historic part of this garden is completely free, and it’s placed just behind the National Art Museum of Catalonia. The fact that this location is shadowy and bogged down promotes the appearance of typical species of Euro-Siberian climates. And just in case the summer doesn’t promote a worthy sight, it will always remain the Montjuïc fountain: in addition to being placed on an idyllic spot that allows seeing Barcelona, some nights it’s illuminated and accompanied by music.

The medieval essence of the Born

Have a great time walking by a wooded and calmed surrounding at any time day or night in the Ciutat Vella district that is extended between the ancient market of the Born and the Santa María del Mar cathedral. The Born ride is an old medieval tour where since XIII century tournaments, fiestas, fairs and other activities are celebrated, which confers a great evoking power. In addition to that, you can enjoy its big offer of restaurants, trendy nightlife spots and shops with the purest Barcelona style.

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