City Tour

Experience Barcelona with our Scooter City Tour

Are you looking for the best city tour? If you want to have a new experience and get to know the city in a different way, Vesping offers you an original and vibrant experience “the Barcelona City Tour”.

Why should you choose the Barcelona Scooter City Tour?

Because you are an adventurous and curious traveler who wants to get to know Barcelona from a different perspective. Join our local guide and drive your Vespa scooter with us and make new friends from all around the world!

This new alternative sightseeing tour of Barcelona is the best in town, since it covers the most important places of the city and many hidden spots usually unknown even by locals. Explore Barcelona starting at Sagrada Familia, enjoy Tibidabo's views, visit the old town, the fabulous beaches and much more! The Barcelona Scooter City Tour lasts 4 hours and the ride is more than 50km.

Every day we meet in our nice store next to Sagrada Familia and at 10am a new adventure starts! What are you waiting for? Join us by booking your tour here!

After the tour you can keep your Vespa and get 20% discount on the GPS Rental Fee!


The tours will be in English, Italian, Spanish, French and Catalan and if we are asked, in German or Dutch.

  • Shuttle to reach our Headquarter
  • Customized Starting Point
  • Customized Arrival point

How to book? Do not hesitate to ask us for a tailor-made experience. Please contact us, we will find the best solution!


City Tour.

Duration: 4 hours
Distance 50km
Meeting time: 10:00

Barcelona is an amazing city full of charm. What would be better than renting a vespa in Barcelona and drive your way through the city to discover all its culture? Start now, rent a scooter in Barcelona and explore the city! With our vespa rentals you'll see the most common and famous venues but also local areas unknown form tourist guides and even sometimes from locals themselves.