Barcelona team building activities.

Team Building is a really important tool in the organizational growth of the corporations to motivate your team and to create strong bonds between your employees.

In Vesping we are specialists in Team Building activities, and we offer programs that will strengthen the collaboration between your employees thanks to the multitude of interesting and funny suggestions. You will be able to choose within a wide range of custom-made activities that will ensure an efficient productivity and a reduction of any conflict that may arise.

Improve the performance of your company by giving away your employees an unforgettable experience creating an amazing working environment due to the itinerant activities that we propose.

How to book? Do not hesitate to ask us for a tailor-made experience. Please contact us, we will find the best solution!

Vesping Barcelona Experience

For DMC and Event Companies who want their customers to be guided by our tour experts through the beauty of Barcelona, discovering it's perfumes, it's tastes, it's colors...


Our Vespas are already famous, use one of our "Stars" for filming or advertising. Let's customize it, transfer it and... "Lights, cameras, action!"

Advertisement & Communication

Our fleet is your fleet, customize it according to your needs and wishes either for private advertising, communication, corporate events, campaigns, festivasl, etc.

Team Building Events

Improve the performance of your company in a funny way. Vesping Events organises interesting in-tour team building activities to create a cool atmosphere between the members of your company.

Tailor-Made tours

Plan your experience in all it's aspects: Customizable itinerary, starting and arrival points, in-tour activities, timetable and breaks.

Weddings & Stag Parties

For your glamorous Wedding or for a cool Stag or Hen Party use our fleet to get around with your guests. Make your event one to remember!


April / Sept
9:30h - 15:30h
Oct / March
10h - 16h