Where is the nightlife in Barcelona?

Anywhere between April and June is traditionally the best time to visit Barcelona. These months herald the coming of the summer and the Barcelona weather is arguably at it’s finest. If you want the best of nightlife in Barcelona, visiting during this time won’t be such a bad idea. If you are in Barcelona to experience the best of the nightlife, you could consider waiting for the summer proper. The humidity won’t be much of a problem at night. And you’ll appreciate the beautiful city more when the intensity of the sun is replaced by the coolness of the night and the accompanying lights.

What to do in Barcelona at night

Dinner at the Fabra Observatory

Spaniards aren’t exactly famous for early dinners. Restaurants start serving the best dinners around 9 pm and their activities peak around 10 pm. Your sampling of Barcelona’s nightlife could as well begin with a gourmet meal at the Fabra Observatory. It promises to be a perfect blend of astronomy and the much more familiar gastronomy. A wide range of fining dining options is available and you’ll be eating on the terrace, under the watchful eyes and blue lights of countless stars. You’ll also get absolutely stunning views of the city; it’s indeed all shades of amazing. The dinner holds every Tuesday through Sunday of the summer months.

Wander around the Fabra Observatory interior

Since you are at the observatory already, why not take some time to see what the interior has to offer. And we must tell you it’s all shades of amazing. Your journey into the Fabra Observatory could start at the museum where you’ll get to learn more about astronomy than you thought was possible (except, of course, you major in astronomy). You could then move to the ancient noucentista hall and proceed to marvel at the elegance of the great dome. You would be able to observe your favorite constellation through the meridian telescope; one of the oldest, functional telescopes in Europe.

Savor the magic at the top of Casa Batllo

Far from the almost academic seriousness of the Fabra Observatory is the care-free air of one of Gaudi’s masterpieces the Casa Batllo. The vibrant atmosphere of the Dragon’s rooftop embraces guests with drinks and music; the perfect recipe for an enjoyable night. You’ll see more stunning views of Barcelona and enjoy drinks and small talk with other tourists, according to us this is for sure one of the best places where to go in Barcelona at night! Live performances are hosted every night from the 9th of June through the 24th of September.

Explore the Casa Mila

This is another one of Gaudi’s great works that serve tourists endless fun and enjoyment on the summer nights. Summer Nights are organized on weekends from late June through early September and Gaudi’s Pedrera: The Origins come up during the weekdays from May through October. These two events are arguably the biggest night attractions at the Casa Mila. Summer Nights promises a memorable visit to the visit to the Espai Gaudi, spiced with drinks and live Jazz performances right on the magnificent rooftop. The Gaudi’s Padreda takes you on a wonderful journey through the history of the building using an audiovisual show. Big screen, matching soundtracks, and brilliant lighting; it’s indeed the complete package.

Enjoy a live performance in Poble Espanyol

The Nits d’Estiu at the Poble Espanyol is another of Barcelona’s numerous nighttime attractions. The full-package cultural festival embraces various events, performances, and art exhibitions. Among these exciting events is the Riuestiu; a festival of laughs where the best comedians in the whole of Spain converge to help you forget your sorrows. The Poble Espanyol also plays host to the Mecal Air; a festival of short films and animations. The exhibition comes up every Friday from June through September.

See a movie under the stars

There are many open-air cinemas in Barcelona. However, the Sala Montjuic is arguably the most famous of them. You can make the most of the clear summer nights by dropping by to see a movie under the stars. They also organize picnics and concerts in the exotic gardens of the Montjuic Castle. The Cinema Lliure gives the Sala Montjuic a run for their money with their unique collection of indie films on the beach of Sant Sebastia.

There you have it! Highlighted above are just some of what to see in Barcelona at night. You would indeed agree that this is a city that never sleeps. So, brace yourself, grab some sleep in the evening and go all out to derive maximum fun under the stars. If you are wondering about how you can get around easily at night, and discover where is the best nightlife in Barcelona

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