Barcelona weekend guide. What to do in Barcelona on Sunday

Traveling to Europe is always a good plan, whether you are visiting a couple of countries or rather staying at one at the time.

If you are traveling by train or decided to have a road trip, you’ll have the opportunity to see a lot of special places that you wouldn’t be able to visit when traveling on traditional flights.

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Now we want to present to you a Barcelona weekend guide in case you are passing by as part of your Euro trip or you’re coming from abroad only for these two days. Find out everything you need to know on the next lines.

Barcelona is a magical city as we have described on our previous articles, but when it comes to schedules can be very surprising. A big city, but very traditional too. Forget about 24/7 like in NYC, that’s not an option here. You’ll have to deal with nap times, lunch times, early closures, summer schedule, and more.

This is not a city that never sleeps! Be aware of this information so you won’t miss anything in the short time you have available.

What to do in Barcelona on Sunday

As in many other European cities, Sundays are to rest and to be off work, so even on tourist high demanded seasons this condition remains. We are sorry to say that on a Sunday you’ll be seeing a lot of closed places, specially stores, luckily not so much for restaurants.

Furthermore, there are a couple of spots you can visit and enjoy on Sundays if you want to go shopping, but don’t expect to have the same luck on museums and other iconic places we have listed on other articles as “a must” to see in Barcelona.

Some shopping options

La Roca Village: is an outlet shopping village with over 100 shops, and some offer awesome discounts even up to 70% off regular prices so is a great way to use your spare time in the city.

It’s located about 40 minutes northeast of Barcelona in Santa Agnès town. And a good new! they give you a tax refund if you are a non-EU citizen. It is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm, so you can spend the day on stores and having something to eat in one of its restaurants.

Maremagnun Shopping Centre: is a complete mall and it’s open on Sundays too, is the newest on the city and it’s a short walking distance from La Rambla. It offers the classics of clothes shopping like Lefties, H&M, Mango, Pull & Bear and also has the Barcelona FC Official Store for sports fans; you’ll enjoy 250 available shops. As La Roca Village, it’s open daily from 10 am to 10 pm.

What to do early Sunday morning in Barcelona

You can use Sundays to get up a little later and have brunch, it’s a great way to start the day at your own peace. There are many traditional looking cafes where you will be pleased with incredible menus that include dishes like: pancakes, French toast, benedict eggs, mixed with the best of local flavors adding the best of cured pork products.

Markets are fun too

On Sundays, you can also choose to visit local markets and see all they can offer having enough time to delight with all the options you’ll see.

The Lostandfound Market is one of the best markets in Barcelona, where you will find a wide variety of clothes, music, books, art and many vintage pieces and second-hand curated products. There are also places to eat and drink at the best traditional way. Sometimes they even offer live music presentations.

At the Sant Antoni Sunday Market, you will find popular old books and collectible coins, also other treasures like stamps, magazines, etc. It’s open from 8 am to 2 pm.

For art lovers

There are some free charges museum open on the first Sunday of each month (most of them but not all have this restriction) that you can visit. Make sure to add these ones to your list: Frederic Marés Museum, Music Museum, Picasso Museum, National Art Museum, Barcelona Design Museum and Barcelona City History Museum.

Stay in touch with nature

A nice plan for a Sunday in Barcelona is having a picnic at Montjuïc Gardens. The Jardines de Laribal are really beautiful and full of colors with different kind of trees like pines, persimmons, roses, lavender, geraniums, oranges, etc.

Right next you’ll get to Jardines de Teatro Grec, where you can see a replica of a Greek theatre in the middle of more nature beauties. Then, at Jardines de Joan Maragal you will find regal style gardens with tree lined avenues, fountains, sculptures creating the perfect spot to relax and forget about the loud city for a while.

As you may see there is a lot you can do on Sundays in Barcelona, all plans are very quiet and relaxing creating the perfect mood for this day.

And if you are a much calmer person and you don’t want to move a lot around the city you can plan something easy but pretty like watching the sunset from a rooftop terrace, there are a lot available in the city so you can choose your favorite or closer one.

These are our main recommendations when it comes to weekend in Barcelona what to do, we are sure that now you can prepare your own schedule to make the best of your staying at Barcelona.

Let’s keep in touch! We have prepared so much more additional info for your guidance through this city. Use our blog for more info.