Chocolate Museum Barcelona

None of the other museums will tickle your senses as much as this one. The smell of chocolate is all over the place, teasing your appetite, so the piece of chocolate that you receive at the entrance may not last for long.

As mentioned, It is specially dedicated for families with little chocolate fans. Pay a visit to the the Chocolate Museum of Barcelona is really interesting with its life-size chocolate characters and replicas of famous monuments.

This museum runs workshops and chocolate making parties for kids as well as offering the best hot chocolate you can find in the city. Children from 3 to 8 years can take part in a treasure trail hunt discovering the history of the Mayan God Chocolate and the origins of chocolate. There are a selection of chocolate film characters that will also please the kids. The shop sells chocolate lolipops along with other mouth-watering temptations.

You can see the history of chocolate here and look at figures made of chocolate, but you would expect more! How is chocolate made? Can you try some? And some of the figures could do with some restauration…


Open: Mon to Sat. 10am to 7pm and 10am – 3pm on Sun. & public holidays.
Price: €5.00 (under 7’s FREE).
Address: Comerc, 32.
Getting there: Metro Arc de Triomf
Vesping: Select the spot in the GPS.