There are many ways to reach Barcelona, by train, by plane, by car, by bus… If you arrive by plane, choose the option that best suits you to get from airports to the city!

El Prat – Barcelona Airport

El Prat Airport is 18km away from the city center. To reach Barcelona you have many options:


The Aerobus are running everyday. The ride lasts approximately 35 minutes. They have 4 strategic stops in Barcelona.

Aerobus A1

it brings you from the Airport terminal 1 to Plaça Catalunya

Aerobus A2

it brings you from Airport terminal 2 to Plaça Catalunya

Terminal T1 – Plaça Catalunya
  • 06:10am – 07:30am : every 10 min
  • 07:30am – 10:25pm : every 5 min
  • 10:25pm – 01:05am : every 10 min
Terminal T2 – Plaça Catalunya
  • 06:00am – 07:00am : every 20 min
  • 07:00am – 11:00pm : every 10 min
  • 11:00am – 01.00am : every 20 min
Plaça Catalunya – Terminal 1
  • 05:30am – 06:50am : every 10 min
  • 06:50am – 09:45pm : every 05 min
  • 09:45pm – 00:30 : every 10 min
Plaça Catalunya – Terminal 2
  • 05:30am – 06.50am : every 20 min
  • 06.50am – 10:20pm : every 10 min
  • 10:20pm – 00:30 : every 20 min
  • Single ticket: 5,90€ (“solo ida”) – Valid up to one hour after the purchase
  • Return ticket: 10,20€ (“ida y vuelta”) – Valid up to one hour after the purchase. Return valid up to 9 days after the purchase.
  • Children under 4: free


  • 46: Plaça Espanya – Airport T1 and T2

As a street bus, it stops in many places and runs from 06am to 11:30pm.
Ticket price: 2€

  • N17: Plaça Catalunya – Airport T1

As a night bus it stops in many places and runs from 10pm to 5am

  • N16: Plaça Catalunya – Airport T2

As a night bus it stops in many places and runs from 10pm to 5am


Taxi ranks are located opposite the T1, T2A and T2B. An airport supplement fare of 3,10€ will be applied.
Luggage up to 55x35x35 are free. For bigger ones, you have to pay 1€ extra.


A train links El Prat Airport T2 to Sants railway station: Rodalies R2 nord.
The ride lasts approximately 20 minutes and costs 3,80€.
If you arrive at T1, you have to take a free shuttle bus to terminal T2 in order to take the train.

Free Airport Shuttle Timetable (From T1 to T2)

  • From 8am to 8pm : every 4 minutes
  • From 5 to 8am : every 7 minutes
  • From 8pm to midnight: every 7 minutes
  • From midnight to 5:30am : every 20 minutes

Girona Airport

Girona is 103km away from Barcelona. Here are the three main ways to reach Barcelona:


Departures and arrivals are based on Ryan Air schedules.
The bus stops at Girona airport and brings you to the Bus Station of Barcelona Nord, the main bus station of the city located in the center next to Arc de Triomf.
The ride lasts around 1h10.
Once in Barcelona, the closest metro station is Arc de Triomf, red line (L1).
WARNING: if you have to go from Barcelona to Girona, two buses from the same company will bring you to Girona, but one will take you to the Airport and the other one to the center of Girona. It would be a pity to miss your flight because of that!


The schedule changes very often. Please have a look at their website for updates.

  • Single Ticket: 16€
  • Return Ticket: 25€. It is valid during 30 days.


The easiest way but not the cheapest one! Count 120€ from Girona airport to Barcelona city center.
The ride is 103km long, with a 1.80€ charge per km. Luggage is not included in the price.


The trip won’t last more than 1h20. Take the AP7 motorway. You will have to pay for the motorway tolls (in Spanish “peaje” and in Catalan “peatge”). Paying by cash is easier, some credit cards are not accepted. Keep your ticket, you’ll have to hand it at the next toll.
Take the AP7 to Barcelona (5,40€) and when you arrive near the city, take the C-33 (pay 1,25€). Then follow the signs to “Ronda Litoral”.


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